Catering For Parties: Throwing a Successful Event

catering for parties

For your next special event, why not try to cater for parties? Choose from a wide array of pre-made appetizers, salads, pizzas, soups, entrees and desserts. Offer buffet choices that everyone will be sure to love for large groups.

Italian Cuisine

When catering for parties, many companies offer an assortment of pre-made dishes that are offered on the menu at a charge. They can also offer catering services for events with a banquet or dinner length of time. Most catering companies offer classic Italian meals for this type of party. Whether it’s spaghetti or meatball meals, you can find delicious food at affordable prices. Italian dishes can be served in the classic style or they can be prepared to meet your guests’ dietary needs.

The great thing about Italian food is that it offers a variety of dishes from different regions across Italy. Each region has its unique cooking style, so there will be something to please your palate. Since catering for an Italian event can vary depending on the time of year, different types of Italian meals are offered as well as traditional dishes. Here is a brief description of some of the foods that can be offered at your catering services.

  • Salata de Gallo: This is a traditional Italian bread stuffed with vegetables. It is often served with homemade tortilla chips and is often accompanied by homemade sauteed tomatoes and cheese. Salata de Gallo is a traditional side dish to traditional Italian meals, but it can be a delicious entree on its own. For a special treat, an authentic Italian caterer can offer handmade Salata de Gallo, which is made from real flour dough.
  • Crepes Catering: Crepe catering is a very popular catering option for dinners, lunches, and special events because it is easy to make and it is healthy. Crepe cakes can be made with any type of fondant, although wheat, Graham crackers, and sponge are favoured because they hold up better over time. A traditional Italian dessert, crepes, is also available in many different flavours such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Some catering companies offer crepes for dessert at their events, and they can be decorated to match your theme. Italian caterers often have an assortment of specialty crepes available for a more limited selection of guests.
catering for parties
  • Pasta and Other Options: There are endless types of pasta dishes and they all use an ingredient called linguine. If you are looking to impress your guests and if you want to create a delicious presentation, choose a pasta sauce that incorporates flavours from all around the world. Many catering companies offer unique Italian pasta dishes, which will have just the right touch of flavours to enhance the main event you are catering for. Whether you choose fresh tomato sauces or traditional meat sauces, you can find a delicious pasta option that your guests will love and that will help you save money since Italian pasta are usually quite expensive. Another good option for catering for parties is a Lasagna dinner, which is a traditional Italian meal that consists of a lasagna sheet and the sauce on top.
  • Dessert: A catering company can offer catering for events that involve a sweet selection of goodies for your guests. These options range from cookies and brownies to rich cheesecakes and pies. You can also find desserts that use fruit as their bases, such as apple and orange selections. No matter what type of dessert you decide on, you can depend on catering companies to deliver tasty treats and a beautiful presentation to complete the night of catering for your guests.

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