Catering Menus For Your Business Or Workplace

catering lunch

Catering lunch is an excellent way to get people from work and the local community together after a hard day’s work. This helps to remove stress, build team spirit and have fun. It also helps pick up the motivation of your employees as they realise that the company is willing to go the extra mile for them. When planning a catering lunch for a large group, it can be difficult to know exactly what to serve. Below are some catering lunch ideas which can be used to ensure your lunch attracts interest and pleases everyone.

Office Lunches

Many office lunches are perfect for events such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. One of the most popular luncheons on these occasions is turkey with all the trimmings. A variety of different meats are available and can be served in various sizes. Your office lunches supplier should have plenty of sample menus available for you to choose from. Make sure you find out if you will be using leftovers as these are not ideal for a busy office.


If you are hosting a large event which means a lot of people will be coming it is important to consider foods that are more likely to attract people with food allergies. Many catering companies now have special diets in place for events such as this. Some of these will cater for food allergies but others will serve meals that are ready to eat. Whatever you do, don’t select a lunch that includes items that could cause your guests to be negatively affected. Your catering lunch menu supplier should have these details for you and be able to advise you accordingly. If you do find yourself in a situation where you are suspecting particular foods, always request a small portion before the event and test to see if there are any negative side effects.

Boxed Meals

Packaging is important when considering lunch boxes. Most suppliers now stock lunch boxes that are specifically made for individuals who have food allergies. These lunch boxes should contain clearly labelled components and instructions on how to cook the meal so that those with food allergies can prepare it themselves. If you cannot prepare the meal yourself, you should always request that your caterer provide you with alternatives.

catering lunch

You should also consider packaging if your catering company offers takeaway or meal options. Many catering companies have different catering menus on offer, which are suitable for those with different dietary requirements. You should therefore consider packaging if you are looking to expand your catering business or if you want to attract new clients. Many catering companies now stock boxed meal options that are suitable for individuals with food allergies.

Boxed meals also come in different sizes to suit individual requirements. If you want to expand your catering business then you should always consider packaging if you are aiming to sell a larger selection of menu items. If you are already catering for individuals with specific dietary requirements then you should always consider packaging if you want to cater for the entire family. It is a good idea to have the packaging customised to your catering service’s name and logo to maximise visibility.

Buffet Catering

Some companies offer buffet catering and these catering menus are suitable for individuals who have very picky eaters. The standard catering lunch boxes are generally suitable for individuals with picky eaters but if you want to cater for the whole family you will need special boxes catering for big eaters. If you are planning a large catering lunch for your office then you should consider packing lunches for your entire staff as catering for just the people in the office is not cost-effective. Your catering services menu can easily be ordered online and delivered to your workplace for everyone to enjoy at the same time. Many catering companies provide catering lunch services and catering lunch boxes and you should always consider the catering needs of your staff when ordering catering lunch boxes.

Catering services have changed over the years and catering lunch boxes have benefited greatly from technological advances, especially with the introduction of boxed lunches. This type of catering lunch is more convenient because the dishes can be stored securely away until they are needed, unlike the more traditional meals. This type of catering lunch for your office is also suitable for catering companies that do not deal with large groups of people all at once. This makes it easier for you and your catering service providers to work as a team to provide everyone with the best service possible.

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