Catering Platters Can Set Your Event Apart From the Rest

catering platters

Catering platters and serving dishes are the main ingredients of any fine dining. With an entire variety of catering platters delivered to your door, you can choose from a wide range of sizes and styles. Catering companies will often cater for small groups of people as well as large corporate parties.

Different Platters for Different Events

If you are having a formal event, you will require a set of catering platters to ensure that everything is uniform. The colour and style of plates will help form a cohesive look to your entire catering service and complement your catering services too. For an outdoor or garden catering service, you could select from a range of fun-shaped pans including ice cream, cake and popcorn. These fun catering platters are great for parties and festivals when you have an eclectic mix of guests from all walks of life.

During weddings, catering platters are essential to compliment the decor. Whether you are having a large wedding reception or just having guests over for lunch, there are several types of catering platters to choose from. You can select between a selection of square and rectangular plates that have the traditional bows and flowers or choose from shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares. Personalised and fridge magnets are also available for those weddings that require a more out of the ordinary type of catering platters.

During corporate events, catering platters can be used to display all the items that you need for the meeting and presentations. This includes sideboards, napkins, champagne flutes, printed menus, glasses, and even promotional material for the company logo. These items can then be served to the different guests during the reception. However, many companies prefer to have one catering service for the entire group to save money on catering costs, since larger catering services usually include food and drinks for everyone in the group.

catering platters

When throwing a large birthday party, there are catering platters that are used for each meal. You can find round serving platters, pie plates, deluxe serving platters, and takeout platters to name a few.

Catering Services

Choosing the right catering service isn’t always easy. If you have never ordered a catering service before, you may not know what to look for or even how to go about finding one. The best thing to do is start by checking with your local catering supply store. They are more than happy to offer catering advice if you ask them. They can also recommend someone that can make sure your event is a success, whether that is for indoor or outdoor catering.

Many catering supply stores sell platters and other catering items at discounted prices. Sometimes they will run special deals just for customers who use them at one of their locations. You may also be able to get some coupons or sales to use for food discounts. Most stores will have different promotions and even gift cards available for purchases. They can sometimes offer the discount at no charge at all as long as you are a returning customer.

If you are planning an event where you will be serving food from a catering service, you should always check with your catering supplier beforehand. They can suggest products for you that would best fit your needs. They can even help you decide what types of catering platters would best fit your event or dinner. After all, they specialize in catering and in supplying the best catering supplies and they want your business to succeed.

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